What I’m eating…

Recently I have been changing my lifestyle, and changing how I eat, and what I eat, rather dramatically. I adore chocolate, crisps and sweeties as much as the next person...but we all know these aren't the best way to keep our organs and health in check. After gaining a few pounds of the last few... Continue Reading →


Greens are Gods.

I thought, following my previous post about what I love to eat when dieting, a few key rules about eating healthy...and a few myths. Fats are your friend Fat! Don’t be scared of it…  You actually need it in your diet.  Fat doesn’t directly make you “fat” – excess calories make you “fat”.  It’s about getting the... Continue Reading →


My darling friend Andrew, is currently helping me train to improve my body composition, and to help my general health gain some level of average. I thought I would do some writing about recent recipes I have enjoyed creating on my diet plan, which although nutritious and healthy, are super scrummy and filling. I would also... Continue Reading →

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