White Christmas: Inside & Out

It's November. Let's face it...it's Christmas. Well it is in my eyes anyway. From 1 November, Christmas music is allowed to be played, Christmas decorations are allowed to be made, and fake snow is allowed to adorn the window sills of my house. It really is the most wonderful time of the year! From fir... Continue Reading →



One of my favourite magazines, which I buy nearly every month isĀ Ideal Homes, which is a magazine specialising in homes, interior design, and the latest fashions and styles in home decor. I enjoy watching fashion, but fashion within a home and styles people use to dress their own, is my favourite. So I thought within... Continue Reading →

Advice for Landlords…

One thing many people do not know about me, is that I have a great love for interior designs, and the amount one can do when they are given a blank canvas within a home. So I decided I would do a series on my take on interior designs, where and when certain things are... Continue Reading →

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