White Christmas: Inside & Out

It's November. Let's face it...it's Christmas. Well it is in my eyes anyway. From 1 November, Christmas music is allowed to be played, Christmas decorations are allowed to be made, and fake snow is allowed to adorn the window sills of my house. It really is the most wonderful time of the year! From fir... Continue Reading →


Harvey Weinstein: Surprised?

Is this really a surprise? An extremely successful male film producer, co-founder of one of the biggest film production houses in the world; accused of sexual harassment? I was shocked at the ripples of awe that were felt across the globe at the news. Although dumbfounded by the number of women affected by the horrors... Continue Reading →

Body fat: friend or enemy?

  The issue that I wish to write about today is the stigma behind body fat. While I was at work today, I heard someone say "I do not understand how someone under the age of 21 can be over a size 10" - the person sat next to her agreed with this statement, however... Continue Reading →

Scandi Style

Recently in one of my *FAVOURITE* magazine ever, Ideal Home,¬†there has been a huge amount of chat around this upcoming design called 'Scandinavian Style' Interiors. This is such a gorgeous way of updating what could be quite a dilapidated and boringly textured home. So I thought, since I read this magazine religiously, my top tips... Continue Reading →

Good Skin…Good Make Up

I have always taken extremely good care of my skin. Luckily for me, my mother has always brought my up to treat my skin just like you would any other organ, with care and respect. Never to stay in the sun too long, wear sun cream every day (even in the winter) and give it... Continue Reading →


One of my favourite magazines, which I buy nearly every month is¬†Ideal Homes, which is a magazine specialising in homes, interior design, and the latest fashions and styles in home decor. I enjoy watching fashion, but fashion within a home and styles people use to dress their own, is my favourite. So I thought within... Continue Reading →

Advice for Landlords…

One thing many people do not know about me, is that I have a great love for interior designs, and the amount one can do when they are given a blank canvas within a home. So I decided I would do a series on my take on interior designs, where and when certain things are... Continue Reading →

Bobbi Lips…

So on today's beauty blog post...I thought I would write about my favourite lipstick colours from Bobbi Brown. I have been inspired to do this by Hannah Martin's recent youtube video - clearly do not have enough lipstick myself...but she is paid to advertise the products...how amazing is her job?! This is within the Luxe... Continue Reading →

Where in the world…?

As a student one of the trickiest things to deal with...is your lack of money, and being able to afford very few things that you want. For me, I find this hardest when I want to travel. There are an unbelievable number of places in the world which I would like to explore and adventure... Continue Reading →

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