One of my favourite magazines, which I buy nearly every month is Ideal Homes, which is a magazine specialising in homes, interior design, and the latest fashions and styles in home decor. I enjoy watching fashion, but fashion within a home and styles people use to dress their own, is my favourite. So I thought within my interior design series, I would do en expo on kitchens, as Ideal Homes do a feature magazine called Best New Looks for Kitchens. 

I believe the kitchen to be the heart of the home. It is where food is made, and therefore is to me, the most important room in the house. So, when I am fortunate enough to own my own home, I think the kitchen is where the majority of my focus will lie, when considering how to frame it, dress it and do the decor.

One style of kitchen I would love to write about is the trend of Industrial Textures, which features as Trend #1 in this month’s magazine. Although this might put you off altogether…it is almost Victorian-esque in some kitchens, in the way it features a lot of copper and bronze elements. However, this very much depends on how old fashioned you intend for your kitchen to look. It is entirely possible to achieve this shabby-chic look within an urban cool look, or a cleaner, more crisp finish. I love the fact that this style of kitchen is rule by texture, it adds so much depth and definition to every kitchen, allowing each dresser to be completely individual in the way they design the centre of their home. One of my favourite features within this magazine’s section is the copper hanging lights, they are in a bunch of three, and create so much light within the room, with such little effort. This sort of feature within a kitchen, creates a very luxe look, swapping bare wood for high end materials, and perhaps adding super-modern appliances to complete it! This will help you to create a modern kitchen, with this industrial feel, which helps the added depth spring to life within your artistic vision, for the centre of your home. I believe, that industrial textures, can be taken to any level, any budget, and any size. Due to it’s authenticity depending on the home owner, this type of style really is something which you can add a personal touch to, as well as applying modern, or old-fashioned trends.

As well as textures within this feature, I adore the idea of playing with height. Within many high ceiling apartments, this would look fantastic, as a feature room, with pantries that reached all the way up the walls, and high up shelves, storing brass or copper pots. I think this could be so much fun to play with as a designer, and a home owner. Playing with height is such a fun aspect to be creative with, as I learned when my parents re-did our kitchen 7 years ago, at my home in Oxfordshire. We live in a cottage style home in the countryside, and the high ceiling we have in our kitchen, allows for so much more experimentation with light. It is very light in my kitchen, as it is open plan with a glass conservatory area, and we are fortunate to have a lot of light pour in daily. This allowed us to enjoy the freedom to experiment with colour, against the natural light which we have within the room. We settled on blues and creams, which make a constant spring-time feel within the room. We left the cosy wintery feels for our living area…! Our high ceilings, allowed for the colour to accentuate the constant natural lighting we are so blessed to have within our kitchen.

I feel very strongly, that small features, such as taps, handles, or non-handles, salt and pepper shakers and the likes play a heavy part in creating the mechanical, and industrial feel many people aim for within this style. I understand that copper kitchenware is on the pricier side of life, however, if you are fortunate enough to be able to afford this kind of luxury, they do look amazing, when done with class and elegance. Taps…now these are something people rarely think about as a big feature in a kitchen, however, they are the item which are used the most to guests within the house, so they need to be iconic, and certainly noticeable as a feature. I prefer taps which have a definite purpose with colour and chosen style. Again, copper is an option here, but stainless metals also work, in dark greys; and there are so many style options to choose from. I have some really fond memories of looking around kitchen showrooms with my mum for a kitchen re-build, and admiring all the beautiful furnishings laid out – make a day of it!

So all in all, kitchens are important. They are not just for cooking, although that is certainly an integral part of their being, but they are the centre of any family’s home, where you entertain guests, bring up families, and spread the home with love and joy from it’s centre. Enjoy!


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