Where in the world…?

As a student one of the trickiest things to deal with…is your lack of money, and being able to afford very few things that you want. For me, I find this hardest when I want to travel. There are an unbelievable number of places in the world which I would like to explore and adventure to. My most recent wish, is to go to Canada and see the Rockies of the West, and go to Lake Louise. Me and my boyfriend were supposed to be going, bear hiking and walks through the mountains, but unfortunately this wish will have to be put on hold until my operation date ha been discussed with my surgeons, and it is clear as to when and where it will take place, as well as the recovery time.

So I am currently exploring other options. It is only when you open the big wide world of google, that you begin to appreciate the size and expanse our world has and is. You have to make choices about what you want to spend your money on, and at my stage, being realistic about what you can afford to spend now, as well as when you are out there. This is something me and my boyfriend, William, struggle with. William is most definitely the practical side of our relationship, he will always be there, waving bank statements in my face, saying ‘Phia…we definitely cannot afford that.’ Whereas I am the one making lists of all the restaurants we could go to in Mauritius…when we have that kind of money!

We are currently deciding upon our next adventure, our most recent one, was a two week trip to Poland, where we discovered the wonders of the Polish countryside, which is highly underrated, as well as a lot of the Jewish history, which is a huge part of my heritage. Of course our gap year trip to Australia was one of the best months of my life, exploring my cousins home country, which I have visited it before, but travelling with parents is very different to travelling with your partner or friends. I think our next adventure will be somewhere in the region of the Americas. Exactly where, is yet to be decided. I would like New York, Will is set on a beach holiday…so there is some compromise left to be had I feel!

Australia is really where my heart has been left I feel. The pacific ocean, is beyond doubt the most magnificent thing for the eye to behold. It is so so vast, blue, and glistens like magical star dust in the glaring heat of the Australian summer…or even winter. So I will return to Australia one day I am sure, to live temporarily or permanently, we shall have to see, but one day I will have to go back and visit the happiest, most beautiful place on earth to me!


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