Bobbi Lips…

So on today’s beauty blog post…I thought I would write about my favourite lipstick colours from Bobbi Brown. I have been inspired to do this by Hannah Martin’s recent youtube video – clearly do not have enough lipstick myself…but she is paid to advertise the products…how amazing is her job?!

  1. fullsizeoutput_7e0

This is within the Luxe Lip Colour family, it is perhaps the most gorgeous autumnal/winter lipstick, it is a beautiful rich natural brown. I love to wear this with my chocolate or wine palette from their Christmas collection.

2. fullsizeoutput_7e1

This pinky rose Rich Lip coloured lipstick, is a must have for anyone with naturally pink tones to their skin. This is such a nourishing lipstick, and feels so light and easy on your lips. It doesn’t chip or break away, like some lipstick brands do. A must have for anyone pink make up look!

3. screen-shot-2017-02-19-at-18-47-37

This colour in the Luxe Lip collection, is for anyone who loves a sultry, sexy lip. I believe this can be worn at any time of year, with a subtle eye look, is dangerously gorgeous!


4. I think this has to be my favourite type of lipstick from Bobbi Brown. This is part of their Artstick collection – the brilliance of this is that it is a lipliner and lipstick packed into one crayon like Lipstick – genius! So this Brown Berry is a neutral/nude colour, which is very everyday, or to be paired with a standout eye, and a gorgeous bronzed face.


5. This has to be the most gorgeous hot pink Bobbi own! It is such a gorgeously fun pop of colour, on a summers day, or with a subtle pink eye and cheek – it looks absolutely fabulous!

So those are my 5 top lipstick colours. I have many, many more – don’t you worry. But I will make sure I mention all my lipsticks at some point!




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