What I’m eating…

Recently I have been changing my lifestyle, and changing how I eat, and what I eat, rather dramatically. I adore chocolate, crisps and sweeties as much as the next person…but we all know these aren’t the best way to keep our organs and health in check. After gaining a few pounds of the last few years, I decided it was time to get back on the health bandwagon. So I got my friend Andy, a chiropractor and nutritionist to write me a ‘lifestyle change’ plan. Some people think diets are really tricky and tiring, and you never get to eat anything you enjoy eating, and it’s all broccoli, lettuce and sweet potato. This is 100% inaccurate. Yes, you do have to eat your fair share of greens, and good vitamins and minerals…but to be honest you should be doing that on a daily basis anyway. My diet is based around macronutrients, so how much carbohydrate, protein and fat I can eat daily. And as long as the food I eat fits into my ‘macros’ that’s fine. 

So I thought, for those of you afraid of dieting, and not sure where to begin I’d let you in on a few of my favourite recipes and foods, I use regularly. 

1. Deliciously Ella’s Pho 

This is so so scrummy, hearty and full of goodness. Deliciously Ella’s Pho is vegan, I do add chicken, due to my need for high protein levels within my diet. I would primarily cook this during this time of year, it is so satisfying to eat it after coming in from the cold. 

2. Bacon Sandwich

Oh yes ladies and gentlemen…the classic bacon sandwich fits into my diet. True, I can only eat one just before the gym, however if you find the right bread, this has just the right amount of protein, fat and carbohydrate I need just before I go and do a fairly intense workout. I tend to use sourdough bread or fresh white bread rolls from local bakers, they will always have less sugar, therefore less carb, in than mass produced supermarket bread rolls. I know bacon can be expensive, but the better the bacon, the mor  concentrated the level of protein, so try not to buy one with a high water content.

3. Butter and Oils

Butter and oil. These are two of your friends on a low carb diet. Fats are good  for your body, and contrary to popular belief your body needs quite a lot of them to function properly. ‘Low fat yoghurt’ and other low fat products are full of sugar, and therefore more carb high than fat high, which is not necessarily a good thing. So for me I eat high fat foods, and cook everything I eat in butter. 

4. Chicken and Chorizo Pasta

This is one of my all time favourite recipes, I adore chicken and chorizo pasta. Chicken is clearly high in protein and very good for you, chorizo is high in protein and fat, so a double whammy! I adore the flavour of chorizo an the beautiful colour it gives to my pasta and chicken. Again, cook them both in butter, with garlic, chilli and onion – beauty on a plate!

5. Roast dinner
This is my favourite meal of the week. I do not have it on a Sunday however, because I do not train on a Sunday, I tend to have it on a Friday, after a hard workout, because this has a higher carb content, with the potatoes and gravy. So it’s a real treat, but can be fit into your macros, if you are careful about the amount of potatoes you eat, and give yourself more meat to keep your protein high. You can still enjoy the classic roast dinner! 
So my point within this article is, that even if you are on a very specific diet, it is possible to enjoy your food, and create yummy food on a daily basis, which you will enjoy eating, and cooking. 


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