Palava of a Patella…

So long story short…my leg isn’t the best at acting like a leg. Primarily because the majority of it is metal. When I was 12 I was diagnosed with cancer, a tumour all the way around my knee and leg. I had chemotherapy, many surgeries…and 18 months later, I was cured, and as a bonus side effect, I had a bionic leg. The bone had been replaced with metal…which is quite cool, until you attempt to go through an airport security unnoticed, that is extremely tricky to pull off.

So…the point of all that was to say I had a little accident a few weeks ago. I was in my bedroom with my friend Kayleigh, having a bit of a giggle, getting ready for bed. I was putting on my avocado foot cream…which is amazing stuff! And I went to go to the bathroom, and fell, by slipping on the carpet…because of my avocado foot cream…(possibly the most middle class way to have a fall…). Anyway, so I fell badly on my already failing to be a limb bionic leg, and have broken my knee cap…also known as my patella. It is quite literally snapped in half (photo seen below). I also now have to wear an amazingly pink cast for 3-6 weeks, not until it mends, just to give me some support while walking around, and so the muscles can regain some form of consciousness. After that, hopefully sooner rather than later, I will need a knee cap reconstruction, which means a few days in hospital and 8 further weeks in an incredibly neon cast. At least I can add further repertoire to my already busting at the seams hospital CV…

However, every cloud and all that. The avocado foot cream is very much still in action, and working, honestly it is amazing stuff. Nailtiques Avocado Footcream. Incredible.

So moral of the story is, do buy avocado footcream…just be careful when stepping onto a carpeted surface immediately after application.



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  1. Only you would use foot cream, break your knee cap, and then continue to use the foot cream… forever stubborn but forever strong 😘


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